Michela_RaffaellaThe company named La Giraffa srl, a family run company set up by Mr Zuccotti Mario, was established in the‘50s as a farm and then, thanks to Mr Mario’s pioneering spirit, evolved into a food company which today processes vegetables which are steam pealed, sorted and vacuum packaged through a thorough procedure. Once packaged, the products are pasteurized and sterilized, prepared for the final packaging and finally taken to refrigerated storage rooms, ready to be shipped. Mr Mario has engineered such process with the aim to provide his customers with a high quality product with a natural taste.

Since 2000, Zuccotti Michela and Raffaella, Mario’s daughters, have been running the company fulfilling their father’s dream, and have started several successful partnership in the so-called Large-Scale Retail Trade in the Italian market. Nowadays they are also targeting the international market relying on the national reputation with reference to the food industry.