The idea behind the family-run company La Giraffa srl goes back to the year 1950, when Mario Zuccotti conceived the business and transformed a family farm in a unique food processing company, with thanks also to his innovative ideas.

Michela e Raffaella Zuccotti

The company La Giraffa srl ​​deals with the processing of top-quality vegetables, which are carefully selected, steam peeled, processed and vacuum packed. After the packaging process, the products are pasteurized and sterilized, prepared for final packaging and stored in cooling cells, ready for shipment. The same food process, which was developed, studied and put into practice by Mr. Mario, still enables us to reach the highest quality and genuineness of the products that come to our tables. When Mr. Mario passed away in 2000, the company was taken over by her daughters Michela and Raffaella, who do not forget their father’s lessons, thus establishing even more the brand in the market with some important Italian large-scale retailers. The experiences and lessons learned have led them to understand that the future of Giraffa srl ​​can move towards foreign markets, where Italy still stands out for its flavours.